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Google Workshop - 1

Is Google Planning Their Own Moto-Maker-esque Tool?

Not only are phones nowadays an integral part of life (not that …

OnePlus Bamboo

The First OnePlus StyleSwap Case Is Bamboo!

As promised, the OnePlus team has announced their first StyleSwap case today …

OnePlus Swap Style cover

OnePlus To Start Offering Swap Style Covers July 22

  Good news for those of you who have managed to score …

HTC Dot View

HTC Dot View App Updated With New Features

  The HTC Dot View Case for the HTC One M8 is …

Pressy Shipping

Pressy Finally Shipping!!

  Good news for those of you who backed the Kickstarter Project …

LG QuickCircle Case

LG Shows Off New QuickCircle Case In Latest Teaser

The LG G3 announcement is under a week away and to help …

Nexus 5 Snap Case

New Nexus 5 Cases Now Available In The Play Store

  Wanting to spice up the look of your pretty Nexus 5? …

HTC M8 Spigen The All New One

Spigen Already Selling HTC M8 Cases – Ship In April

  If you’re planning on buying the All New One from HTC …

Nexus Accessory Sale

Nexus Accessories 25% Off In Play Store

  Have you recently picked up a shiny new Nexus 5 or …

Nexus 7 Case

New Nexus 7 Folio Cases Available In The Play Store For $50

  In addition to the new Google Play Edition devices that made …

Nexus 5 Accessories

Nexus 5 Cases And Wireless Charger Now Available In Play Store

  Good news for all you Nexus 5 users out there!!  The …

acer-extend-hands-on-002 (1)

Acer Unveils The Extend: A Notebook Chassis For Your Smartphone

Acer didn’t have a lot to show at IFA in Berlin. Nonetheless, they …