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YouTube On Your Wrist? Why Not

YouTube on Wear

Android Wear watches can do a lot of things for you.  They can tell you the time, set reminders, show you notifications, reply to messages and now… play YouTube videos!  That’s right, you can now watch your favourite video of a cat and/or person doing something crazy and/or funny on your wrist!

An app called Video for Android Wear&YouTube was released into the Play Store recently and as the name suggests, the app will allow you to view YouTube videos on Android Wear devices.  Now, whether you should watch videos on your wrist or if there’s a point to it at all, that’s for you to decide.  Just keep in mind that watching videos on you watch will drain your battery in a hurry and you’ll also need to pair your watch to some sort of speaker or headset.

If all that still sounds like something you need, then hit the link below!

[Play Store]