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Fossil Announces Two New Android Wear Watches

Fossil Q Marshal and Q Wander

The smartwatch craze is still in full affect and it’s not just the tech manufacturers that are churning out watches.  Mainstream watch makers have taken to making smartwatches as well and one of the bigger players in the watch world is back with two more Android Wear powered watches.

Fossil recently announced two new models, the Q Marshal and Q Wander.  Both devices feature round circular faces but we can’t quite see whether or not they’re sporting the flat tire look.  We don’t have much information on the rest of the specs but I’m guessing they’re probably spec’d similar to all the other watches on the market right now.  In terms of pricing, both devices are priced at $275 USD and come in both 44mm and 46mm sizes.

No word on availability but once we hear something we’ll pass it along.

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