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Xperia Tablet Z Shown Off On Video

If Sony’s new tablet caught your eye we have a nice little treat for you today.  The Verge had a chance to check out the device a few days ago and put together a little hands on video.  It’s not very extensive but you get a chance to check out the device from all angles and get a brief glimpse of what you could possibly have in your future.

The device still looks amazing and it’s super thin.  It’s one of the lightest and thinnest tablets to date coming in at 495g and 6.9mm thick.  Design wise it follows very closely to the recently announced Xperia Z but instead of utilizing the glass back Sony has opted for plastic instead.


I’m pretty excited for this device to launch.  However, for the time being there’s no global launch dates; in fact, we’re not even sure if this device will be making its way outside of Japan right now but I’m very hopeful.

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