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Toshiba Announces New Wallet Friendly AT300SE

Toshiba has just announced a new budget friendly high-end tablet, possibly in response to Google’s new Nexus 10.  Introducing the AT300SE.  On paper it matches up with most of the other high end tablets on the market right now.  Here’s the spec sheet:

  • Nvidia Tegra 3
  • 1GB Ram
  • 16GB Internal Storage
  • 10.1″ 1280×800 Resolution Display
  • Micro-SD Card Slot
  • 3MP Rear-Facing Camera
  • 1.2 MP Front-Facing Camera
  • 10 Hour Battery Life

Overall it’s a very slick looking device with some pretty decent specs. Probably the biggest weaknesses on paper are the 1GB of RAM instead of 2GB and the 1280×800 resolution display.  However, the price tag seems pretty decent as it will be coming in at £299.99 which amounts to $475.  However, often times the price tags don’t vary that much despite the exchange rate.  My guess is that if this tablet does come to this side of the Atlantic, it’ll come in at $350.  However, it seems that that the launch is limited to the UK for now but I could easily see Toshiba sending it this way as well.