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Google Nexus 8 Surfaces On Geekbench 3

Nexus 8 Geekbench

We know that Google has at least two new Nexus devices in the works but could there be a third?  Perhaps!  A new device surfaced on Geekbench 3 recently sporting the name Google Nexus 8.  Based on how Google generally names the Nexus’, chances are that this device will sport a 8″ display which firmly places it into the tablet category.  The device sports a 1.3GHz Octo-Core processor and rungs Android 5.1.1.

While we can’t confirm anything as Google hasn’t outted the device and there haven’t really been any rumblings of a new Nexus tablet in the rumour mills, a Nexus 8 could make a lot of sense.  First off, the 8″ form factor seems to be a popular choice nowadays with popular tablets like the iPad Mini and Tab S sporting similar sized screens.  Secondly, the Nexus 9 did not do very well in the market, partly because of the price and partly due to minor issues with the device itself, so perhaps a new tablet is in order.

If they are indeed working on a new Nexus tablet, I hope they throw back to the Nexus 7 days a little bit in terms of bang for buck.  Both generations of the Nexus 7 offered stellar specs for a reasonable price tag and I’d love to see Google get back to that.