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Asus Working On Android 4.2

This is the major reason I love Asus, they update their products!  According to a couple of different Dutch websites, Asus is already hard at work on bringing Android 4.2 to some of its devices.  There’s no specific time line as to when this update will hit but apparently it’s coming soon.  I’d expect the update to hit all the quad-core powered devices with the Transformer Pad Infinity likely leading the way as the flagship.  The dual-core devices could also get the update but for now those devices are still waiting for 4.1.

The big reason that Asus is able to throw these updates together so quickly is because they keep Android relatively Vanilla.  Personally that’s one of the things that I love most about their products.  Their “customizations” are very minimal and for the most part add functionality that stock Android could use (for example toggles, although 4.2 does have a version of that now).  I really wish other manufacturers would follow suit but I know I’m just dreaming.

If I hear any definitive dates or devices I’ll be sure to let you all know.



  • I think Asus has been the best of the devices to provide timely updates. I think being the nexus tablet (the 7″) has helped, and as they don’t have much customization it makes it easy. You’d have thought that having nexus integration with the samsung phones would have made theirs faster… nope