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Asus Prepping Affordable 10.1″ For 2013


Asus is without a doubt one of the most successful manufacturers when it comes to Android tablets.  From the very beginning, they’ve been able to push out quality products at a reasonable price that have captivated the public.  The crazy thing is most of their success has come without a lot of marketing.  I can’t ever recall seeing an Asus tablet commercial on TV!  So with a little extra marketing perhaps things could grow even more!

Another thing that will help sales is creating an even cheaper but still very powerful tablet and it looks like that’s exactly what Asus has in store for 2013.  A new device has leaked just ahead of CES named the ME301T MemoPad 10.  Long name, but that could easily change by the time it officially launches.

The device will feature a 10.1″1280×800 resolution display, a Tegra 3 Processor, 1GB RAM, 16GB Storage, Android 4.1, and will come in Wi-Fi Only and 3G compatible versions.  Overall it seems like a pretty average Android tablet but then we get the price.  The device is currently listed at €322, which converts to around $420-$430.  However, European prices have been historically known to be higher than prices found in North America so it’s very plausible that this device could launch with a $350 (or maybe even under) price tag which makes it one of the best bang-for-your-buck 10.1″ tablets.

Also, given the MemoPad name, perhaps it’ll feature some sort of stylus for, well, taking Memo’s?  I guess we’ll find out all the details soon enough!