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Alleged Photo Of Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7″ Leaks

Tab S2 97

Just last week we heard that Samsung is likely launching their next generation Tab S devices in June.  Today we may have our first look at Samsung’s next gen flagship tablets.

The image you see above was leaked by @OnLeaks who claims that this is an image of the 9.7″ Tab S2.  As you can see, the tablet features the new 4:3 screen ratio which various reports have already pointed to.  In addition to the new square-ish screen, the tablet seems to take its design cues from the S6 with the rounded metallic frame and metallic buttons.

What we don’t see is the back of the device which, if they’re following the S6 design language, will be made of glass.  I’m a little curious to know whether they do opt for glass as metal seems like a much smarter and sturdier option.