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UK Retailer Puts Moto 360 2nd Gen Up For Pre-Order!

Moto 360 2nd Gen


Although we know a 2nd gen Moto 360 is on the way, Motorola has yet to officially announce the new device.  Nevertheless, one UK retailed has decided to jump the gun and has put Motorola’s new smartwach up for pre-order!

MobileFun has listed the new wearable and has confirmed that it will indeed come in two variants.  The larger of the two will be 46.5mm and will feature a cognac leather band and a 375 mAh battery.  It currently carries a pre-order price tag of $392.49 USD.  The smaller version did not have a size listed but it will come in two colours, dark stainless steel and light stainless steel.  As it is a smaller device, it will feature a smaller battery as well which will come in a 270 mAh.  The smaller variant carries a pre-order price of $326.99 USD.

Anyone planning on putting in a pre-order?