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The Moto 360 Sport Has Landed On Telus

Moto 360 Sport


Despite their slow adoption, wearables are here to stay, especially smart watches.  Basically every major company has released their own smart watch and one of the pioneers in the wearable craze, Motorola (now Lenovo), has just released another watch here in Canada.

Telus has announced that they will be selling the Moto 360 Sport, Motorola’s fitness-centric version of their second generation Moto 360.  In addition to the more durable and sweat/water resistant silicone band, the Moto 360 Sport also adds GPS to the spec sheet to help better keep track of activity.  Motorla’s AnyLight tech also gets thrown into the mix to help with indoor/outdoor visibility.

In terms of pricing, the Moto 360 Sport can be had for $379 at Telus and only comes in Black.