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Samsung Teases The Sleek And Circular Gear S2

Samsung has really stepped up their design game as of late.  The latest slew of Galaxy’s, the S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+ and Note 5, are some of the nicest handsets ever produced.  Yes, Samsung did sacrifice some things to attain these stunning new designs but sacrifices aside, their devices look darn good and it looks like their watches are getting a similar treatment.

Samsung has released a sweet little teaser video for their upcoming smartwatch, the Gear S2.  Unlike previous Gears, this one features a circular display (as is the trend nowadays) and is expected to feature a rotating bezel for navigation.  While we don’t necessarily see the bezel in action in the video, the wearable itself looks absolutely amazing.  It’s super sleek and very minimalistic.  Hopefully the software will match the hardware.

The new wearable is set to debut on September 3rd at IFA in Berlin and I can’t wait to see all Samsung has to offer.  Hopefully they’ll send out a couple more teasers while we wait for the big debut!