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Next Generation Wearable SoC From Qualcomm Should Lead To Thinner And Longer Lasting Watches!

Android Wear

Wearables, smart watches in particular, are definitely on the rise but there are still two key areas that manufacturers could definitely still improve on: size (thickness) and battery life.  Well Qualcomm has come to the rescue with the announcement of their next generation SoC for wearables, the Snapdragon Wear 2100.

According to Qualcomm, the Wear 2100 is the first in a new product family so we can likely expect more wearable specific chips in the future.  As for how the Wear 2100 compares to the Snapdragon 400 that powers most Android Wear devices currently on the market, the Wear 2100 is 30% smaller in size, and consumes 25% less power.  This means thinner and longer lasting watches!  The new chip will also feature smarter sensors and better connectivity with a next-generation LTE modem with integrated GNSS and low power Wi-Fi and Blutooth connections.

This all sounds pretty good to me and I look forward to what the next generation of wearables brings!