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HTC Working On An Android Wear Device Codenamed Halfbeak


HTC has long been rumoured to be working on an Android Wear device.  We even caught a glimpse of something that looked like a prototype watch in a video some time back.  Nonetheless, we have yet to see anything hit the market but a new rumour claims that HTC is still working on a watch and unlike the prototype we saw earlier, this one will feature a circular face.

The device is currently working under the codename Halfbeak and according to the tip, the resolution of the device will be 360×360.  Unfortunately we don’t have much more information than that but its nice to know that HTC is still expanding their portfolio despite their ongoing financial struggles.

HTC still produces some stunning devices so I’m very interested to see what they bring to the Android Wear table.  At the very least, it’s got to look better than its namesake, the Halfbeak, which is pictured above.