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A Third Moto 360 Emerges?!?

Moto 360 - 3

Although Motorola still hasn’t said anything, we know that there will be two variants of the Moto 360 this year: the Moto 360L and Moto 360S.  Well if those two models don’t float your boat it then perhaps this third model will.  Yup, you read that right.  According to a recent Tweet by @upleaks, there will be a third Moto 360 to hit the market, the Moto 360 Sport.

As the name implies, the Moto 360 Sport is much… well sportier.  Rather than metal or leather, the band appears to be made of some sort of rubber-ish material.  All in all, it looks much more fitness band like than classy smart watch.  Unfortunately @upleaks wasn’t able to provide any other details regarding specs but chances are it will vary at least a little bit from the other models.

What do you guys think of this third Moto 360?