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Yota To Team Up With ZTE For The YotaPhone 3

Yota Phone 2

From the very beginning, the YotaPhone has been a device that has really intrigued me.  With some pretty comparable specs and a secondary power sipping E-Ink display, it seemed to me like the ultimate combination.  While I have yet to jump on the Yota wagon, I’m always watching to see what they do next and with the Yota 3, the Russian company will be partnering with a Chinese powerhouse, ZTE.

According to the company’s report, the partnership will involve “the production of the new generation YotaPhone smartphones, as well as the development and integration of mobile services and software.”  Seems like a good move to me as ZTE is another Chinese company on the rise and has began expanding its reach to North America.  Hopefully this partnership will also help YotaPhone in expanding its reach as I’m sure there are many who would love to get their hands on this ingenious device.

As to when we can expect the YotaPhone 3, the company stated that they’re aiming for Q1 in 2016.  No specific date was provided I’m sure we’ll hear more soon enough.