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Xiaomi Mi5 And Mi5 Plus Specs Leaked


We’ve got a pretty juicy leak regarding one of China’s biggest tech companies to pass your guys’ way!  A handful of alleged specs for the Xiaomi Mi5 and Mi5 Plus surfaced and these devices are looking mighty promising.

Beginning with the Mi5, the leak claims that the device will pack a 5.2″ QHD LCD covered with Gorilla Glass 2.5.  It will pack a Snapdragon 810 and will be equipped with a 16MP rear camera and 13MP front facing camera.  A nice 3000 mAh battery is expected to keep this guy going all day long.  While those specs are already impressive in their own right, things get even better with the Mi5 Plus.

The Mi5 Plus is said to pack a massive 5.7″ QHD display.  The ultra-powerful Snapdragon 820 will power the device and a very hefty 3500 mAh battery will keep it chugging along.  The camera also gets an upgrade as the Plus is said to pack a 23MP rear camera that is equipped with OIS and laser auto focus.  The front facing camera, oddly, loses a megapixel as it is said to pack a 12MP shooter.  Of course, pixels aren’t everything but higher numbers still do catch peoples attention.

As always, take this leak with a grain of salt.  Nothing is official till it’s official but none of these specs would surprise me.