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Wind Will Join The Galaxy Note II Party November 1

The Galaxy Note II launched on several carriers yesterday.  However, one carrier that wasn’t part of the initial launch was Wind Mobile.  Don’t worry though, they’ll be joining the party very shortly.  According to a tip over on MobileSyrup, Wind will be launching the phone on November 1 at $399 on the WINDTab with the WIND40 plan, $499 on the WINDTAB with the WIND25 plan or $749 without a contract.

Good too see that the Galaxy Note II will be available basically across the board.  And to be honest, two days late to the party isn’t a big deal as it seems there is a shortage in supply right now.  I went  around a mall today to see if anyone had the device and nobody had received them yet.  So in reality, all the carriers are in the same boat right now.

Did any of you manage to score one of these on launch day?