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Unlocked HTC One A9 To Go Up In Price On November 7

HTC One A9


HTC currently has their new One A9 available for pre-order at the promotional price of $549 but the price will soon be changing.  As of November 7th, the price for HTC’s latest offering will jump up to $649.  At $649 I don’t see this selling well but even at $549, the HTC One A9 is a tough sell given the various solid mid range options on the market, options that are generally cheaper than $549.

It’s not that the One A9 is a bad device, it just doesn’t offer the same bang for buck as devices with similar hardware.  The one thing that the A9 might have going for it is the promise of software updates within 15 days of the Nexus releases.  That could really differentiate the device but I am a little sceptical of this promise given that HTC has struggled to keep their 90 day software promise that they had issued  with the M series.  I’m ready to be proven wrong though.