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Toronto Raptor’s Cory Joseph Is LG’s New G5 Canadian Ambassador

LG G5 Cory Joseph

I love basketball.  I love tech.  And I love it when the two world’s collide, such as in this new announcement by LG.

LG announced earlier today that Toronto Raptor’s back up point guard Cory Joseph (who is one of the many Canadians in the NBA) will be their Canadian ambassador for the G5!  According to the press release, Joseph will be featured in all types of advertising for the company in the 2016-2017 season.  But given that the Raps are headed back to the post season, it wouldn’t surprise me if LG tried to get some additional attention via Joseph in the coming month as basketball fans across the country tune in to watch the Raptor’s (hopefully deep) playoff run.

Here’s some things that Joseph had to say about the G5:

“It’s impossible to use the LG G5 without being impressed…It’s the smartest smartphone I’ve ever used and it’s really something I can get behind. The companion devices blew my mind and once you’ve experienced the back-up battery switch out – you’ll never go back. It’s a game changer.”

As you all know, the G5 is set to launch on April 8 here in Canada.  Any of you guys have one reserved?