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This Could Have Been The Android Mascot!

Android is everywhere.  It’s simply a fact.  However, not everyone recognizes the Android mascot quite yet.  You know, that green little robot with the little antennas on the top of its head.  The little green robot is becoming much more recognizable with the growth of Android over the past couple of years but there’s still some room to grow.

Despite that lack of recognizability, we can at least be thankful that the mascot didn’t turn out to be one of these guys!

Those two wonky little things you see above came from back in 2007 when Dan Morrill, head of developer relations, had to put some slides together for a team of Google engineers.  Now I’m no artist but I have to say there’s nothing catchy about those guys at all.  They really look like something you’d find in a kindergarten class room.

As we all know, that didn’t end up becoming the Android mascot but it was replaced later on by the little green guy who is known as “bugdroid.”  And as the years continue, I’m certain “bugdroid” will become more and more prevalent in the world!


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