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The Xperia X Series Is Expected To Come To Canada

Xperia X Line

Sony released a new series of devices at MWC this past week, the X Series.  The new family currently includes 3 devices including the entry level the Xperia XA, the mid-range Xperia X and the high-end Xperia X Performance.

During the release we weren’t sure about Canadian availability but it seems we may have some new info to pass your way.  Our contact over at Sony has informed us that the X series will be coming to Canada sometime this summer.  Unfortunately, they didn’t have any carrier info or concrete dates to share with us at this time but once we have some info we’ll pass it along.  We’ll also let you know when we get some pricing info.

I’m excited to check out this new family of devices first hand.  Hopefully Sony gives us the option to go completely stock, or near stock, as they’ve been actively testing out their new Concept for Android.