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The Nexus Protection Program Has Come To Canada!

Nexus Protect

We’ve got some pretty exciting news to pass your way!  Google has officially launched the Nexus Protect program here in Canada!  In case you’re unfamiliar with the program, it’s an extended warranty that covers you for some accidental damage as well.  In addition to a 2nd year of warranty, you get 2 accidental replacements over a 2 year period with a deductible of $99.  Accidental damage includes things like drops, spill and cracked screens.  Google also covers the shipping both ways and state that you could have your replacement as early as the next business day!

In terms of pricing, the program is pretty reasonable in my opinion.  Coverage for the Nexus 5X is $99 while coverage for the higher end Nexus 6P is $129.  Of course, protection plans aren’t for everybody but it’s nice to know that it’s available for those who do need it.  Oh, and it seems that you need to purchase your device through the Google Store to purchase the protection plan so carrier buyers seem to be out of luck.