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The Nexus 5X Has Dropped In Price!

Nexus 5X Official - 1

If you were wanting to buy the Nexus 5X but weren’t to keen on its $500 starting price then I’ve got some good news for you!  It appears Google has cut the cost on their lower priced  Nexus device as it is currently listing at $439 for the 16GB in the Google Store!  That”s a healthy $60 off the original price.  The 32GB has likewise received a price cut as that is listing at $499, down from $559.

There’s no mention of this being a promotional price but it also doesn’t state that this is a permanent price drop either.  So just to be safe, you may want to act fast if this is a phone you’ve been hoping to pick up.

With this new pricing, the Nexus 5X becomes a pretty solid option for people looking to buy a phone outright.  The 16GB base storage is a little weak though with no option for expandable storage but savings are savings!

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering, the 6P has NOT dropped in price.

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