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The Nextbit Robin Has Crossed The $1 Million Mark – New Perk

Nextbit Robin - 1


The Nextbit Robin is undoubtedly one of the most exciting (and probably one of the most legitimate) crowd funded projects in recent history.  The campaign still has 2 weeks to go but the project has already doubled its initial goal of $500,000.  The pledged amount currently sits at $1 029 670 and as thanks for helping them reach the million mark, Nextbit will be throwing in a quick charger with each Robin.

The next stretch goal is set for $1.5 million and if backers can help them get there Nextbit will offer all backers an extra 29GB of cloud storage.  That would bring the total cloud storage to 129GB which, as they point out, is 1GB more than the much more expensive 128GB iPhone (although the iPhone’s storage is local, not in the cloud so I’m not sure how strong an argument that is).

Nextbit also unveiled their finalized case designs for the Robin and they’ve got a case for every level of protection.  Whether you just need something to keep it from getting scratched up or if you’re needing something more heavy duty, they’ve got you covered (no pun intended:) ).

What do you guys think of the Robin?  Any of you backing the project?

Nexbit Robin Cases


  • fudoki

    So, what happens to people who dont have a data plan? Like myself. Can this thing function normally till i hit up some wifi?