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The LG G5 Will Cost $300 On Contract And $800 Outright


Last week LG had announced that their 2016 flagship, the LG G5, would hit Canadians on April 8, 2016.  At that time they let us know that all major carriers would be carrying the flagship but they left out once piece of key information, the price.

Well the mystery is no more as we now have pricing for the G5 thanks to Rogers/Fido.  Both carriers (although really they’re just once carrier) have put the G5 up for pre-order.  So just how much will the G5 set you back?  Well if you opt for a contract, you can snag the G5 for $300.  If you’re wanting to purchase the device outright, you’ll be looking at $800.

While that is still a pretty hefty price tag, it is $100 cheaper than the Galaxy S7 and $200 cheaper than the larger Galaxy S7 Edge.

While we can’t say definitely that other carriers will carry the same price tag it seems like a given.  So now that you know the price, what are you buying?  G5 or S7?

[Rogers / Fido]

  • ron316

    i cant wait for it i have a s7 edge now just got it cant wait to get the g5