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The LG G5 Will Be Pretty Easy To Fix

The LG G5 is nearly here and if you’re planning on picking one up you might be happy to know that the phone should be relatively easy to fix!  As usual, the guys over at iFixit have torn apart the latest flagship and have scored it a pretty nice 8/10 when it comes to repairability.

I’ve done my fair share of taking phones apart and putting them back together and from the looks of it, all you’ll need to replace the display is a screw driver and maybe a guitar pick.  The process really looks very very simple.  Much easier than other flagships like the HTC One M9 and Galaxy S7.

Of course, we hope you never have to go through the processing of repairing your shiny new G5 but if you do break it, a fix should be relatively easy to do yourself if you’re a little bit adventurous!