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The End Of The Z

Sony Xperia Z Logo

The Xpria Z line has been the pride of Sony’s mobile division over the last several years but it seems that the end has come.  We had speculated that the introduction of the X series may be a hint that the Z series was finished but now we have confirmation.

USwitch recently spoke with Jun Makino, the Senior Product Marketing Manager at Sony, and according to Jun, there will be no Z6.  Although Jun didn’t definitively state that the Z series was retired, he did say that the company will be “turning to the next stage, with the Xperia X series.”

Despite some of the great features the Z series of devices had to offer (sleek design, killer battery life, water resistance to name a few), the series just never took off.  Sony has been struggling in the mobile world for some time so perhaps the reboot will help them turn their fortunes around.

Bye Bye Z.