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Telus updates the 4G Samsung Galaxy S2X to ICS

Well, it’s a couple of days ahead of schedule, but that’s alright, right?

I don’t have the phone myself to confirm, but a quick peek at the update timeline (that I told you about a while back) from Telus is ready to confirm it.

I’ve also updated our ICS Update database.


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  • Joe Szoladi

    About damn time the S2X gets the update, unfortunately my phone isn’t charged all the way so it won’t let me do the upgrade yet.

  • Kris

    My phone Galaxy S2X updated to 4.0.3 after 4-5 fails through Kies today-12th June 2012. This update is little different than original nexus update. Even dial pad, color every thing. So what ever for name sake finally got ICS… 

  • Issa Paul

    THE WORST DECISION OF MY LIFE!!! I’m having Sooo many problems with this OS.