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Telus Sets Some Dates For Marshmallow Updates

Telus Update Schedule

Telus has updated their software update schedule once again and this time we have some actual dates!  First let’s talk Marshmallow.  The HTC One M8 will be first to get Marshmallow as they are expected to release that update on December 17.  That will be followed by the Moto G (2015) which is set for December 20.  Those two will be followed roughly a month later by the HTC One M9 which is expected to get the update on January 21.  It’s kind of odd that HTC has their previous generation getting Marshmallow first but I’m sure there’s some sort of reason behind that.

Several other minor updates will be rolling out to all of the Nexus’ in November and a bug fix/security update should be hitting Galaxy S6 and S6 Edges some time today.

While we can’t say it definitively, other carriers will likely have a similar schedule for their releases.


  • Todd Moore

    Motox 2014 gets no love?

    • Tim

      Yeah, it’s kind of odd. Even the Moto X Play isn’t on the list yet. I feel like since Motorola came under Lenovo the updates have slowed down a good deal. They were lightning fast for a little while there

  • Mark Lasby

    Marshmallow started downloading on my Telus Nexus 6 tonight