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Telus Details Their Update Plans

Telus Update Schedule

Updates galore!  Telus recently released an updated update schedule and much to our delight, it provides quite a few details for some pretty popular devices.

Let’s start with Samsung as they’re still the big gun in the Android world.  Samsung’s 2015 co-flagships, the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, are both expected to get Android 5.1 in September.  And as a pleasant surprise, the 2014 flagship, the Galaxy S5, is also expected to get Android 5.1 in September.

We already know that HTC will have their 5.1 update for the M9 out in August but Telus has provided a more specific date.  According to them, the M9 will receive Android 5.1 on August 14.  The M8 will also get its 5.1 update in August but they don’t have specific date for that guy.

The best update news, however, is for Moto X and Z3 users.  Both devices are slated to get Android 5.1 this month with the Moto X listed to receive the update on July 18.

Telus does note that all of these dates are subject to change but hopefully they’ll be able to stay on track!