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Sony’s Mid-range HuaShan Leaks

Just in case you don’t have the money to throw at one of the pretty new flagships from Sony, it appears that Sony will be coming to market with a mid-range device as well.  A photo has leaked of a device currently code-named HuaShan, model number C5303.

In terms of the specs, it’s expected to feature an HD display (my guess is 720?) and a dual-core S4 processor.  It is also expected to launch with Android 4.1.2.  And while some may be longing for 4.2, I’m more than pleased that it’s no longer ICS launching on phones.

Design wise it looks to have a similar build to the flagship devices.  It’s a very clean simplistic design that just looks good in my opinion.  I’m sure we’ll hear some more about this phone next month at MWC but for now check out a couple other pictures.