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Sony’s Got Another So-So Device On The Way…

Oh Sony…Why can’t you just do something… good…

So the device above is supposedly the next flagship device for Sony.  It’s codename the Xperia “Mint” Model number LT30p.  Here’s the specs we have so far:


4.3″ 720p HD display (probably bigger)
1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 processor
13MP camera










As you can see in the picture above, the device is about the same size as the Galaxy S III, so you can only think that the screen is actually a bit larger than 4.3″.  Nevertheless, the device doesn’t really bring anything amazing to the game with the exception of a high mega pixel camera.  The device is rumoured to be make its début at IFA so who knows when and if this device will make it to Canada.

As I’ve said before about Sony devices, they look good, but they lack that “something” to put it above the rest.  I can’t say I’m worried about their future because Sony is such a huge company (unlike HTC who is also falling off a bit).  However, if they want to get themselves into that upper echelon of smart phones, they need to start finding a way to launch flagships that measure up to the competition the same year as the competition, not a year later.


  • DavidW

    It looks good to me. It uses the S4 processor which is the same as GS3 and the One X. If we see an Adreno 305 in there it will surpass anything in the market right now. The screen size is smaller but the 4.3″ screen size is exactly what a lot of people are looking for and it differentiates itself from HTC’s and Samsung’s flagship phones. If I hadn’t just bought an HTC One X I would be seriously considering this one.

  • MarkLastiwka

    How is it so-so? In addition to the 13mpx camera, it has a lot of built in features that differentiate it (small apps, on screen buttons, different button placement, bluetooth 4.0, customizable keyboard and themes, FM radio, wifi direct, etc.). 

    The hardware is also up there with the rest (S4 processor, 1gb ram). Sure the design may not be as nice as the Xperia GX, but the features are definitely something to look at. 

    • timgee

      I say so so because Sony doesn’t often release their phones immediately after announcement. Which means that even if this were to come out at the end of the year it’ll be overshadowed by rumours of the next line of flagships from Samsung and HTC.
      I do agree with both of you that it seems good now, but the things is we don’t have it out now.

  • Guest

    So – So Indeed. Let me guess it will be running android 2.3 and won’t be upgradable?!? probably so.  At this point most phone specs are the same so I care more about the OS version than hardware