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Sony Xperia Z Gets Its First Drop Test


The Sony Xperia Z looks to be a real competitor in the upcoming year.  On paper it can hold its own against any other flagship device out there plus it adds water proofing and a super sleek body, making it one of the most anticipated phones of 2013.  The one possible deterrent with its design is that it uses glass on both the front and back, a design choice that offers a premium feel but often creates a less durable device.

Well it seems that Sony has figured out a way to create something that looks great and can stand up to just about anything.  A Polish blog recently had the opportunity to check out the device and right in the middle of the walk-through the rep and the interviewer decide to put the phone through a drop test.

The impact sounds pretty bad yet the phone looks to be in perfect condition.  They then proceed to toss it in a fish bowl for good measure and again the device comes out fully functional and looking as good as ever.

Now, according to Sony Canada, this device isn’t coming our way, but perhaps it’s time we start a petition to get the Xperia Z to great white north.  Just looking outside right now I have to say a water proof phone could come in handy with all the snow I’m seeing on the ground.

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