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Sony Says Something Big Is Coming! (UPDATED)


I received a curious little package in the mail today.  I opened it up and inside all there was was the little card you see above.  There isn’t a whole lot of information to go by on the card but obviously this is hinting at some sort of release.

Given that Sony just announced a new phablet, the Xperia XA Ultra, there’s a good chance that that is the device they’re hinting at.  There’s also a possibility that they’re referring to the entire Xperia X line up, the successor to the Xperia Z lineup, as none of those device have released yet.

What do you guys think Sony has planned?  And are you excited about the new X line up from Sony?


So I just got an e-mail from Sony confirming that this was in reference to the Xperia XA Ultra.  More to come!