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Sony Device Rumours – Some Monstrous Devices On The Way?

Sony's 2013 flagships tipped, Q4 might see a quad-core Cortex-A15 beast with a huge battery

We’ve all heard about the Sony Yuga and Odin for a while now.  These two devices look like they could really put Sony back on the map in terms of top of the line high end smartphones.  The specs are some of the best we’ve seen and Sony’s designs are always great.

Well it looks like Sony has some other devices up their sleeves as well as a bunch of specs have leaked through a Sony forum.  Below you’ll see the specs of a bunch of rumoured upcoming devices.  There are four different devices slotted to release in the first half of 2013 seemingly ranging from 4″-6″.

However, the really interesting one is the one listed under “quarterly flagship machine.”  This device is supposed to hit next October and the specs are ridiculous.  5″ 1080p screen, 3GB RAM, Quad-Core processor (which apparently isn’t from nVidia or Qulacomm), 3000 mAh battery, and 16MP Camera.  That’s one massive beast.

quarterly flagship machine:
5 inch 1080P screen
A15 4-core
3,000 mAh battery
16 megapixel camera
overall size and Yuga almost. The hardware configuration the stereotypes too early to say, may change next October.

first half of the high-end machine:
Xperia 4 – 720p ~ 360PPI, 12MP, MSM8960T, 1.5GB, microSD, 16GB, 1800mAh
Xperia – 1080p 2400mAh
Xperia 5R – 1080p 440PPI, 13MP, APQ8064, LTE, 2GB, microSD, 32GB, 2800mAh, waterproof IP57
Xperia 6 – 1080p ~ 370PPI, 13MP, APQ8064, LTE, 3GB, microSD, 32GB, 3500mAh

We’ll have to see how this all comes into fruition in the next year but I for one am really excited to see what Sony pushes out over the next year.