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Some Nexus 4’s Shipping Without Glittery Back Update: Fake!

One of the most eye catching aspects of the Nexus 4 is the back.  The back, which is made of glass, features a “glittery” pixelated design that has a kind of shimmer to it.  This design is also found on LG’s own flagship device the Optimus G.

Well apparently the latest batch of Nexus 4’s to shop haven’t been as glittery as the initial batches.  Users have been reporting this “problem” and are reaching out to LG and Google for an answer.

Now it’s not necessarily a bad thing if you prefer a more flat-black backing, but it does raise some questions in regards to quality control.  As with any manufacturing system, consistency is key.  You need to keep your products the same batch after batch so that consumers will have the same experience across the board.  So the fact that some devices are apparently different makes you wonder what’s going on.

Is LG doing something different in the manufacturing process in order to keep up with demand?  Or was this simply a fluke accident that some devices missed out on the “glitter.”  Hopefully we’ll get some official word from LG or Google as to what’s going on.

If you happen to be lucky enough to have received one of these pretty devices lately let us know if yours is suffering from a glitter deficiency!



So it has been brought to my attention that the story appears to be fake and I do apologize for the misinformation.  Nevertheless, let’s hope that everything is going swimmingly over at LG so that these Nexus 4’s can find their way into some pockets!