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So Maybe No MicroSD On The Note 5?

Samsung microSD

It has expandable storage.  It doesn’t.  It has expandable storage.  It doesn’t.

Rumours have been going back and forth for a while now and according to the latest rumour, the upcoming Galaxy Note 5 will not feature a microSD card slot.  The latest report comes courtesy of everyone’s favourite leakster @evleaks so it definitely carries some weight.

In addition to noting the lack of microSD card slot, @evleaks also confirmed a variety of other specs.  His list of specs include a 5.66″ 2560×1140 display, Exynos 7420 procesor, 4GB RAM, 32GB internal storage, 16MP camera and 5MP front facing camera.  All of these specs are in line with previous reports so there’s no reason to think that these are off.

Despite the stellar specs, the lack of expandable storage will undoubtedly upset some customers but then again, things have been flip flopping so much so who knows what will happen.  August 13 is coming up quick so all the question marks will be answered soon.


  • bonebeatz

    Well this my choices this year lg g4 ,gflex2,htc m9,note5 ,sprint don’t offer alot don’t even get to pick a motorola device or sony or several other makers it sucks so most sprint customers only get a small selection and i will get note 5 because it should be better than the phones that’s out for sprint. Motorola style need to head to sprint. Huawei make nice phones also but sprint won’t get any of there devices. I miss tmobile sometime but that throttling my 4g got on my nerves .