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Sizable Update Rolling Out To The OnePlus Two



The OnePlus Two is still not an easy device to get your hands on but if you are one of the lucky ones that has managed to purchase the device then this story is for you.

OnePlus announced on their forum that a pretty sizable update has begun rolling out to OnePlus Tow units.  The update brings Oxygen OS up to version 2.1.0 and is rolling out to a smaller number of devices before the broader roll out.  Here’s a look at the change log OnePlus posted:

  • We’ve added manual mode for all you photography enthusiasts. Hope this will give you more control for capturing that perfect moment.
  • Raw support is now enabled for 3rd party camera apps that support this format
  • There’s a new color balance slider in Display for adjusting the color tone of your screen. You can now go warmer or cooler as you please.
  • Added Exchange support.
  • We fixed some issues that were causing problems with popular 3rd party apps.
  • Telephony service improvements so you no longer get the lag when you turn on/off airplane mode.

It appears that most of the major changes are tied to the camera and the camera app so hopefully all you trigger happy users out there will appreciate the new update!