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Sense 7.0 Will Come To The M8 This August


Since it’s reboot a few years back, HTC’s Sense UI has become one of my favourite OEM skins (though I still prefer stock) and with each new flagship comes a new version of Sense.  The HTC One M9 brought with it the latest version of Sense, Sense 7.0, but it seems it’ll be a while before the former flagship get a taste of HTC’s latest and greatest UI.

As you can see in the above Tweet, HTC doesn’t expect their former flagship, the M8, to receive Sense 7 until August of this year.  Although the M8 is running one of the latest versions of Android, Lollipop, it’s still stuck on the older Sense 6.  It’s a bit disappointing that there’s such a delay for M8 users especially since HTC has been so good with rolling out updates over the past couple of years.

As for M7 users, chances are that your phone won’t be getting many more updates as it has technically passed HTC’s promised 2 year mark for updates.  That’s not to say that it won’t ever happen but it is unlikely.

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