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Seems Like Canadian G2 Users Won’t Be Getting Lollipop

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As I’ve mentioned several times over the past couple of years, LG is on the rise.  The company has been consistently putting out some very solid devices and it seems like they’re gaining some good momentum.  Well it looks like they’ve just hit a pretty big speed bump, one that will undoubtedly slow down that momentum particularly here in Canada.

Story goes that a dev recently e-mailed LG requesting the source code for the D803 (which is the Canadian model of the G2).  This is what they received in response:

We got the information from dev. team.
Unfortunately D803 model has no plan for upgrading to Lollipop.
So We cannot upload the source code.

Obviously this is very disappointing news for G2 users and pretty poor support from LG.  Other 2013 flagships such as the HTC One M7, Samsung Galaxy S4, and the Sony Xperia Z1 have all received (or should be receiving) an update to Lollipop so LG is visibility falling behind the competition there.  And to make matters worse, LG is releasing Lollipop for the G2 in other regions so we know they have the ability to do so.

Hopefully LG turns this around quickly and rethink their decision otherwise all their hard work may be derailed.

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  • Corey Ruscica

    Am I one of the only people who has been extremely disappointed with Lollipop? Never saw any speed or battery increases. Found it slow, like the transitions are slowed down to look nicer or something. I rooted and put on ViperOne 7 ROM, enhanced version of kitkat with tons of addons like CM. Great thing is that it is Sense based so the Tap2Wake with ElementalX kernel works great. Not sure what to do for next phone as Android M seems like enhanced Lollipop which is not really getting my hopes up.

    • Faulty

      Clearing the Cache and disabling useless crap on the GS4 made it run really quite nicely

  • Faulty

    Clearing the Cache and disabling useless crap on the GS4 made it run really nicely.