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Samsung’s New Battery Tech Is Game Changing!

Samsung Battery

Samsung has just announced a game changing new breakthrough that will change mobile devices in a big way!  Just yesterday Samsung’s research division announced that they have developed a new battery technology that will allow them to essentially double the battery capacity of future batteries.

The R&D center of Samsung Electronics has succeeded in developing a high-density and highly-durable cathode material by coating the strong and conductive graphene on the surface of the silicon to create a kind of protective layer around the silicon.

Unlike other advancements that have also utilized graphene, Samsung’s solution will seemingly preserve the charge/discharge cycle numbers that other solutions have failed to preserve.  In other words, your battery will not only last longer day to day but its overall life-span should not be impacted!

The report goes on to say that “industry watchers” believe that the technology may need 2-3 more years before it’s commercialized but I’ve got my fingers crossed that Samsung will deliver sooner rather than later.

[Business Korea]

  • andrzewi

    I am using the SGS3 right now. Have 5 spare batteries for it. Works good. In two weeks should get SGS5. Will I need extra batteries for it too?