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Samsung Teases Three Devices For Unpacked Event


Samsung is back with another official teaser ahead of their Unpacked Event which is just over 7 days away.  This latest teaser is probably the most interesting one yet as it shows the silhouette of not one, note two, but three different devices.

We were the first to make them BIG.
Now we’re making BIG even BETTER.

Are you ready to Live BIG?

Now based on what we’ve seen and heard so far, we know that one device is the Note 5 (the middle one) and the top device is likely the S6 Edge+.  But what is the bottom device?  Is it a new tablet perhaps?  Is it a new supersized phone?  Given their tag line of making things BIG, part of me thinks it’s got to be some sort of supersized phone as a tablet that size is hardly big.  But then at the same time if that is a phone, that would be one REALLY BIG phone so I’m just not sure.

What do you guys think?