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Samsung Rolling Out Security Patch To S6


A pretty significant vulnerability known as ‘Stagefright’ was discovered a couple weeks back.  The bug allows attackers to take over an Android device by simply sending a specific MMS message.  Well Samsung has been working hard on patching the hole and that patch has begun rolling out to S6’s today.

I received a notification for a software update this afternoon and was able to download and install the OTA shortly after.  The update is nearly 300mb so you may want to connect to WiFi if you don’t have a larger data plan.  The update will bring your device to build number G920W8VLU2AOG2 and as mentioned, it should fix the security hole.  As this is a pretty significant security hole I would definitely recommend doing this update sooner rather than later.  Just to be safe.

I haven’t heard if any other devices are receiving the update yet but I’m sure that Samsung is working hard to roll it out asap.