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Samsung Puts Their Phones To The Test In This Behind The Scenes Video

For many people nowadays their phones are their lifeline.  It keeps them in touch with friends and family.  It keeps them in the loop on what’s happening for the weekend.  And for some, it allows them to do their Facebook stalking on the go!  The point is, phones are important to people and to have a phone break is a big deal.  Accidents do happen, but it helps to ease the mind knowing that manufacturers are trying to create products that will last.

Take this video from Samsung as an example.  In the video Samsung shows off some of the tests that they they put their phones through to ensure longevity.  No, it’s not another drop test video, but rather tests that they conduct to emulate real life wear and tear.  They do everything from having a machine press the buttons thousands upon thousands of times to using a fake butt (jeans on board) to sit on the device.  They even seem to do a variety of water tests to ensure that mild splashes won’t fry the phone (or in the case of what looks to be a Galaxy Rugby, that being sprayed by a hose won’t kill the phone).

So for anyone who has picked up a device lately, your mind can at least be kind of at ease knowing that your phone likely went through similar rigours testing.