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Samsung Promises “Youm” Flexible Displays Are On Their Way

This past weekend at CES, Samsung reintroduced the public to its flexible and bendable displays called Youm, first shown to the public way back in 2011. The OLED (organic light-emitting diode) screens appear likely to be the first such displays to actually hit the market after years of prototypes displayed by the likes of Nokia, LG, Sharp, Sony, and Philips.

Samsung demoed the technology with a small box-like gizmo, with the Youm display protruding from the top of the device wrapping around the back like a scroll.


In another example, a phone-like unit was shown to have the the display technology built into the sides of the device, offering users info about text messages, missed calls, and other notifications. It seems one way Samsung is looking to use this technology is to make screens out of other unused areas of the device.


Samsung promises its Youm displays are nearing the end of prototype stage and are verging closer to becoming ready for production.

I’m not really sold on a scroll-like display that comes out the top of a phone, but having a long, narrow screen down the side could be interesting. What do you think?

  • There are so many applications for this technology that its mind boggling. On cars (interior/exterior), folding phones/tablets, actual wallpaper, mirrors, windows, tables, bikes, wrist watch/bands, ect..