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Samsung Patents Crazy Tri-Fold Concept

Samsung is already on top of the mobile phone world.  But that hasn’t kept them from wanting to push the limits more and more.  We’ve already seem their flexible displays but we’re still waiting to see how they intend to use them in an actual device.  Well maybe this little patent could give us an idea of what they have in store.

How does a tri-fold display sound?  Well Samsung has just patented the idea so perhaps they’ve got something up their sleeves for the near future.  Here’s how I imagine this could work.  When folded up, the device would work like your average phone.  The top screen would be providing you your usual phone experience.  When opened up, the device would convert into a tablet mode (think Padfone).  It sounds simple but I can already imagine the software could be incredibly complex.  However, we already know that Android is able to easily switch it’s layout based on the screen size and resolution.

It feels more and more like all those things we see in the movies that we would claim, “that’ll never happen,” are becoming more and more a reality.  The future seems exciting!

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