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Samsung May Use The Edges Of Phones As Buttons

Samsung Sensor Patent

According to a recently published patent, Samsung may be finding a new purpose for their phones edges.  As you can see in the diagram above, Samsung is tinkering with the idea of embedding sensor pads into the edges of future devices.  These sensor pads would not replace their primary buttons but instead would be complimentary buttons that could be used in different ways for different applications.  It also appears they’ll be transparent so they won’t affect the overall aesthetic of the device

In the above diagram, the two corner sensor pads on the device would be used as controls for a racing game.  In the diagram below, the sensor pads act as quick access buttons to different settings on the camera app.  The buttons may also be user configurable which would be great as we all hold our phones different ways and you wouldn’t want to be constantly hitting buttons by accident.

While this is definitely an interesting idea there’s no guarantee that Samsung will utilize it.  As we all know, filing for patents for any potential idea is a must during these sue happy times.

Samsung Sensor Patent 2

[Patently Mobile]

  • Peter Jaspers-Fayer

    It’s already hard to handle a phone (especially pass it to someone else), without triggering unwanted actions.