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Samsung Gear VR For The S6 Is Here!

Gear VR S6

Today is a good day for all your virtual reality fans!  As previously reported, the Samsung Gear VR for the Galaxy S6 is now available here in Canada at Bestbuy!  This particular model will work with the S6 or it’s edgy brother, the S6 Edge.  At $250 it’s a “few” dollars more than Google’s VR solution, Cardboard, but the Gear VR does offer quite a bit more than Google’s simplistic headset.

No only is the build and design a substantial step up from Cardboard but the Gear VR comes with a built in head tracking module to make the experience even more immersive.  While I’m not totally sold on the virtual reality world, I have been impressed with some Cardboard apps and would love to give this guy a try.  Hopefully BestBuy has some demo’s in their stores.