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Samsung Galaxy S III Battery Spontaneously Combusts?

We’ve all read these stories before of phone batteries melting the phone or lighting on fire, but this one seems especially convincing.  A Reddit user posted his story along with some pictures after his Galaxy S III “exploded” while charging over night.  According to the user, he woke up to “loud noise and a weird squeaking sound” only to find his Galaxy S III smoking and beginning to catch fire!  The phone was so hot that it was melting the plastic which subsequently burnt the users finger.  And if all that wasn’t bad enough, the burning phone left a nasty hole on his bed which he had to throw away.

The user posted it on Reddit seeking legal advice and suggestions as to what he should do next.  As I stated before, we’ve seen these stories before but most of them (at least to me) seemed pretty bogus whereas this one seems a lot more legitimate.  I also charge my phone next to my bed overnight but perhaps I need to start setting it in some sort of fire proof container…

What do you guys think of the story?  Fact or Fiction?

This is my first time posting so cut me some slack! Also not sure if this is the best place to post this.

Last night at about 3:15am EST (about 1 hour after i plugged it in and went to sleep) I was awoken by a loud noise and a weird squeaking sound. (I charge my phone while I’m sleeping on my bed right next to me)

So, I woke up, and saw a ton of smoke coming out of my phone — it also smelled REALLY bad. Half asleep, I jumped out of bed and turned the light on, only to see that my phone was just beginning to go on fire. I dumped a glass of water I had in the room on it to stop it from burning…then woke up my brother to come help. The smoke smelled so bad and wafted through the entire second floor of my house. I had a foam mattress pillow top that had a hole burned through it too–which we later threw out because it was still burning throughout. Also, some of the plastic on my phone was melting and kind of shooting out of it, and some landed on my pinky finger and burned some skin off (very small burn though).

Does anyone have any suggestions what I should do? Call Verizon? Samsung? Have a lawyer call them? I’d also like to get some type of replacement phone in the meantime…

Here are the pictures

EDIT: People keep requesting pictures of the battery. Here they are

ALSO: To answer many questions: EVERYTHING was stock/Samsung that I had received when I purchased my phone. Stock battery, charger, etc. Additionally, my phone was NOT rooted.

Edit 2: Thanks so much for all of your comments and insight. The real big question here is — Do you think I have an actual legal case? As in, a product liability case. Or, do you think I’m better off taking what the PR team will give me? (Perhaps, a new phone, new mattress, etc)? I did not suffer any TRULY substantial damages to myself or personal property. I am really tossed up on this…Any advice would be appreciated.


  • heehaw

    Hmmm the fact he asks if he should have his lawyer call Samsung (LOL) or accept what PR gives him, sounds like he’s out to get something for free. Stuff happens all the time, I cut my finger recently opening a can of Campbell’s soup, i’m not going to have my lawyer call them seeing if they will give me free soup for life. :-

    • Arrow

      You got to be kidding me with that lame comparison. Cutting your finger is your fault
      for not being careful enough. Now, if you found a dead rat inside your soup can, that
      would be a different story. This user has a legitimate case, a phone catching fire
      could have potentially burned his residence down and killing everyone inside. This
      user deserves more than just a new phone.

  • heehaw

    Things fail all the time. O2 sensor in my Mazda failed a few years back causing my car to stall. Could have killed my family if I got rear-ended on the highway. Should I have consulted a lawyer then or just go to my dealership to get them to replace it under warranty (which they did)? Is that a better example for you? Basically someone posting something on the net to get a reaction, asking if he can sue, before even getting in touch with Samsung (they are closed today due to Memorial Day) just smells odd. Have you ever had anything fail? Almost any failure has the potential to cause injury or loss, was your first reaction to “lawyer up” ? Please.